IMN debunks Army’s condemnation of Amnesty

12938111_640170889454975_1675347799920251758_nAbdulmumin Giwa

Islamic Movement in Nigeria IMN, has called on the Nigerian Army to address the facts brought up by the human rights organization, Amnesty International on the December 2015 Zaria pogrom that led to the killing of many of its members.

This is contained in a press statement signed by the President of the Media Forum of the Islamic Movement, Ibrahim Musa and made available to newsmen today.

IMN called on the Army to tell the Nigerian public the truth about what actually transpired instead of seeking to cover-up on its crime saying, “by now the army should be able to tell the Nigerian public how many civilians it murdered in Zaria.”

The statement accused the Army of incoherence in its submission on the pogrom and accused it of being economical with the truth. “From the highest ranking officer, COAS to the Major who appeared before the Kaduna state Judicial Commission of Inquiry were all incoherent in their testimonies of how many they gunned down in December. If they don’t have skeletons in their cupboard, why is the Army economical with the truth?” it stated.

President of the media Forum of the IMN also called on the Army not to justify the unjustifiable through paying huge sums of money in propaganda involving unknown NGOs that lack credibility and hired journalists without integrity.

He further reminded the Army to remain its secular self in defense of all Nigerians and desist from acting the script of Saudi Wahhabism against Shi’ite Islam.

It would be recalled that the Army spokesman Colonel Usman Kukasheka had issued a statement condemning the Amnesty International on its report on the Zaria pogrom

The Army spokesman accused the Amnesty of being biased, hasty and intruding into the internal affairs of Nigeria without providing any proofs to counter its report of the Amnesty.

Also a sponsored group sprang up casting aspersions on the person of the country Director of Amnesty International, Ambassador M.K. Ibrahim debunking the Amnesty report.

The statement further advised the Army as did the Amnesty International’s Senior Crises Response Adviser, Donatella Rovera, to focus on coming clean and own up to its crime here and at The Hague.


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