Failed Assassination attempt on IMN member

By Abdulmumin Giwa

An assassination attempt on the life of Dauda Baba Fika, a Depot Manager with Ashaka Cement Depot in Kaduna has failed when the assassins started an argument among themselves on whether to kill him or negotiate with for his life.

The incident which took place at the residence of Baba Fika located at Takalmawa Road at Unguwan Kwata-kwata, Rigachikun near Kaduna saw seven men, with six of them dressed in military camouflage uniform and the other in mufti breaking in to the house around 1:00 am on Sunday. Some of them were carrying Ak 47 guns.

One of the men climbed over the fence and opened the gate for the rest of them to enter.

His daughter along with other women were busy preparing souvenir and food packages in the compound for an oncoming birthday celebration of Fatima AS, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad SAWA when they heard noises in the compound suggesting the presence of people.

She went to check the main living room where she saw the assassins already inside and they asked of her father and she directed them to his room where they entered and woke him up from sleep.

They told him that they were given N3 million to kill him so he should give them N4 million to save his life. He said he had no such money. They collected the cash that was with him, his car keys and his ATM card.

They gathered all those present in the house at the living room where an argument broke out among the assassins, with some insisting that Baba Fika be killed and others insisting that he should not be killed.

They then decided to lock them up in two rooms some in the master bedroom and others in another room and dropped the keys in the compound.

They were at the house for three hours and took away a television set, a DVD set, a Laptop and five smartphones. They then took along with them Batula Mahdi, a fifteen year old girl and daughter of one Mahdi Haris that was helping with the packaging for the birthday and drove off in Baba Fika’s black colored Isuzu Jeep with plate number MKH 924 AH through the bush.

It was when the assassins left that everyone noticed that they have taken away Batula with them and they raised alarm and reported the case to the Rigachikun Police Division.

It was a shocking mood when people gathered in front of the house lamenting over the incident saw her emerging from the bush running and breathing restlessly.

She was able to disclose what happened to her when they took her away. She said after speeding for some time inside the bush they stopped and started another round of argument on whether to let go of her or to take her along with them to Bauchi. The argument led to an exchange of gunshots among them where she managed to take cover and started running the distance back. She didn’t know if they chased her or not as she ran for a few hours, hiding and taking cover.

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