By Abdulmumin Giwa

“Today, another brother of the Islamic Movement, among those awaiting trial in Kaduna prison was buried in Tudun wada Kaduna cemetery, exactly 3 month after he died of gun shots he sustained during the Nigerian army’s attack in Zaria last December.”

This is made public by the president of the Media Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Ibrahim Musa on his facebook wall today.

He said, “Abbas Ishaq, 49, was arrested in Sheikh Zakzaky’s house and died two weeks after he and other 200 brothers of the Islamic Movement were detained in Kaduna central prison.”

“After much persuasion, the Hospital where his corpse was stored released him for proper Islamic burial today” he added.

He further explained that the cause of death was due to negligence by the prison’s authorities who denied him access to medical care.

“Doctors of the Islamic Movement confirmed that he was unattended to by the prison authorities when he was in prison, a situation that led to his death.”12931262_10208003475258368_8626158884391131228_n

Abbas, who is a native of Danja in Katsina state, but lived in Kawo Kaduna, was survived by a wife and a child.

Ibrahim Musa further explained that there is still another corpse with the authorities that has also suffered the same faith that is yet to be released.

He said, “there is still another corpse yet to be released to the Islamic Movement for burial. It is that of Idris Khalid. Efforts are still going on for its release for burial.”

“Abbas is the only person released by the authorities for Islamic burials, even though there are over a thousand unarmed people gunned down by the military during the Zaria massacre” he added.

Photo: Mal. Aliyu Tirmizy leading the funeral prayers of Abbas

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