Zaria Kidnap: Another False Flag Operation Unfolding Against The IMN

By COAS Lt. Gen Tukur BurataiHarun Elbinawi

“A very reliable source from the Presidency just confirmed that there was an Intelligence Report since last week that the El Zakzaky people vowed to Kidnap military officers to negotiate as ransom for the release of their leader purported to be under military custody. The source further confirmed that the Intelligence Officer in the Depot NA Zaria is aware of the report since last week. Everyone needs to be extra careful especially those in Kaduna and Abuja metropolis.”

And we also got this announcement today from the Nigerian military authorities:

“Col S Inusa (44 RC) was abducted around NNPC junction. The abductors dropped off his wife and left with him in his car. The car headed towards Abuja. Anybody with useful info or assistance should please assist in tracking these abductors. They are in a Mercedes Benz GLK black colour with registration number Abuja, KUJ 154 TZ.

The incident happened yesterday evening ( Saturday 26 Mar 2016) at NNPC junction, Kaduna.”

The question is why will IMN “kidnap military officers to negotiate as ransom for the release of their leader purported to be under military custody”? And after Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky is released after this negotiations which country will he be staying?

The IMN under the leadership of His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has never engaged in criminal activities such as kidnapping or abduction or anything related to that and strongly condemned such criminal activities done under any pretext.

Since after the brutal Zaria Massacre by the Nigerian Army that killed close to one thousand defenseless & unarmed Nigerians in Zaria, the Nigerian government launched a smear campaign of calumny and demonization against IMN and its leadership with the sole intention of justifying the brutal massacre and portraying the peaceful IMN as “criminal & terrorist organization”.

After the Agatu killings in Benue State, the Nigerian government sponsored a faceless group to blame IMN of those atrocities and senseless killings. But fortunately enough Nigerians refused to buy that monumental fraud because they know the history of the conflict between the Fulani nomads and the host farmers.

Nigerians are well aware of the rampancy of the cases of kidnappings in Nigeria for monetary ransom and the gross failure of the Nigerian authorities to eradicate it. There are mounting security challenges facing Nigeria such as the Boko Haram insurgency, kidnappings, Oil bunkering, human trafficking, human organ trafficking etc but unfortunately what presently occupy the minds of our Nigerian oppressors is how to frame and demonize the peaceful Islamic Movement in Nigeria ( IMN ).

Instead of the Nigerian government to concentrate on how to tackle these security challenges, the government is trying to bury what is undoubtedly a brutal war crime and by extension demonizing the victims of its brutal massacre. The present Nigerian government that is executing a foreign sponsored imperialist agenda by these actions is insensitive to the deteriorating economic and social conditions of Nigerians and is displaying nonchalant attitude to the present extreme sufferings of Nigerians.

Finally, it is our hope that Col S Inusa and all those Nigerians kidnapped and abducted be freed and safely returned to their families. Kidnapping innocent Nigerians is a heinous crime that must be condemned by all.


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