What they wish we are?

Abdulmumin Giwa

One thing i have come to observe is that mischief makers in the name of preaching spread calumny and lies against Shi’ism and Shi’ites, of course they are paid to. What they say about the Shi’ites are manufactured lies which they also want to force on the Shi’ites. They want to force the Shi’ites to accept what they say as true.
The gullible-minded third-party who have no idea what Shi’ism is get information about the faith from the mischief makers and continue to make noise about it due to their narrow mindedness. They don’t listen to or seek information directly from Shi’ites but they claim they know them based on what the mischief makers say about Shi’ism.
The reality is that they are not interested at all in hearing what the Shi’ites say because they have been brainwashed, deceived and misdirected.
If they say Shi’ites are armed they want the Shi’ites to say they are, If they say shi’ites are abusing the Sahaba, they want the Shi’ites to say they are. If they say Shi’ites are violent they want Shi’ites to say they are. None of them is willing to know what the Shi’ites really are. None of them goes to ask what Shi’ism really is from the Shi’ites themselves. Its like to them, Shi’ism is their wishful thinking and not a faith. It only sums up to a euphoria.
As a result of this mischief, they have turned themselves into fault-finders all they want to see is the bad things and where there are non they create them. They don’t want to hear anything good from the Shi’ites. I don’t know whether this is what they call justice and fairness in their religion.

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