Where is the arrogance?

Abdulmumin Giwa
After a field day of display of strength and arrogance killing and killing and killing for over 30 hours the Nigerian government and its Army that did its dirty job is now investing hard to convince the world that they are not guilty. They are now seeking to justify their crime against humanity by all means.
Using a Kangaroo Commission set with the sole intention of indicting the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, they now disgracefully want the world to believe that it was not a massacre but a clash and to support that they describe the Islamic Movement members as “Shi’ite militants”. This is to give a picture that they fought with an armed group to justify why they used heavy arms on the Shi’ites.
They have forgotten that the Sultan of Sokoto, the Emir of Kano and the Human Rights Watch have all condemned the Army for using excessive strength on unarmed civilians and that the army had earlier told the world that the Shi’ites were not armed.
This is a display of cowardice and the peak of hypocrisy by the government and it’s Army. Why not own up to your crime instead of the blatant lies, what are you afraid of? After all it was just a crime against humanity which your level of arrogance should own up to. If actually what you did was right you should own up and prove that you are right and not to manufacture lies to save your heads.
One thing you seem to be forgetting is that it is God that you are fighting with in disguise. I don’t know how you can lie to God or even what you take God for. How can you massacre human beings and think you can just bury it and go free?
At the time of the killing spree you displayed every level of arrogance and inhumanity, terrorizing people and killing them like ants without differentiating their sexes and ages. Shamefully today you have turned into cowards looking for every possible way to clear your mess. A very big shame on you.
You should understand that the more you manufacture lies the more you disgrace yourselves. I thought as soldiers of Nigeria you will turn up at the commission and tell them that you killed the Shi’ites, burnt them alive, molested their women by shooting them on the private parts after raping them and stabbed them on the breasts with bayonets and owe no apology to anyone as you acted according to your rules of engagement. This is what we expect from you at your level of egocentrism.
Unfortunately now, cowardice has taken over from the initial arrogance. Oh dear, how shameful. The more lies you will manufacture will be the more you will disgrace yourself. You plan and Allah plans and Allah is the best of planners.
Today you can draw maps, designs lies and identify the Islamic Movement with fake terminologies to convince a kangaroo Commission that you acted rightly but you will not have the chance to do that before God Almighty tomorrow when you meet Him.
Know that the Zaria pogrom is an incident which even if you succeed in deceiving the public by feeding them with lies through the Commission, you will never succeed in convincing God your creator to whom you are going to answer when you are too helpless to manufacture any lies in the hereafter. That is if at all you believe in the existence of God and His forthcoming judgment.

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