100 days of helping the oppressor

Muslimsisters stage rally at NUJ calling for the release of Sheikh ZakzakyBy Abdulmumin Giwa

Astonishing, it is reported that the holy Prophet of Islam Muhammad SAWA said that a Muslim should help both the oppressed and the oppressor. His disciples were astonished as to how they would help the oppressor because they knew how to help the oppressed. The Prophet of Islam then instructed that you help the oppressor by stopping him from oppressing.

It is now a hundred days since the Nigerian leaders removed the masks on their faces that were human to show their real demonic faces. They did this by launching a coordinated attack on the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in Zaria where they killed virtually everyone they got to irrespective of sex and age.

There they displayed the highest level of inhumanity and irresponsibility. They extra-judicially ordered the massacre of innocent lives for what clearly turned out to be genocide with an intended cleansing; a cleansing operation on the Shi’ites who to them belonged to a different sect of Islam from the one they practiced.

They heartlessly commandeered the operation for not less than thirty hours, killing and taking away corpses and burying them in mass graves with the intention of burying their crimes and wearing back a human face again.

During this killing spree where they burnt human beings alive because they differ with them in faith, they used state resources in a blatant display of oppression and tyranny.

Their intention was to simply come, kill and go and then ban the Islamic Movement after they might have killed the leaders and many others and bury everything and hypocritically blame the members of the Movement.

Women were molested by the zombies sent to do the dirty works of the oppressors. Some were raped and shot at on their private parts and others were stabbed on their breasts with military bayonets. Some of those burnt alive were begging to be shot but were refused and burnt alive.

In the aftermath they had abducted many of the members and detained them in military facilities as if they were war criminals and oppressively denied them every rights provided by the constitution the leaders are claiming to be protecting.

Among those abducted was the leader of the Movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, who they were sure they had killed and the oppressive leaders were already celebrating by launching yet another attack, but this time on the properties of the Movement including the residence of the leader, his Hussainiyya Islamic Center and his Film Village.

They even went ahead to exhume graves of the members of the Movement including that of the late mother of the revered leader of the Movement all in attempt to instigate violence from the Islamic Movement but were shamed and disgraced and left to implicate themselves the more.

It later turned out to them that they killed the leader but Allah did not take his life and restored him back to life and back to the course and also instilled fear in them which they cover up with their egocentrism.

This is an act committed by those who took the oath of protecting lives and property of all but it turned out that it was a deception because in spirit and in action they were not humans but demonic oppressors.

They lost bearing of their whole plans and were inflicted with the disease of cowardice as the members of the Islamic Movement disgraced them by refusing to engage in any form of violence and remained calm and focused seeking redress through reasonable and peaceful means.

This method and steps taken by the Movement exposed the leaders as blood-thirsty oppressors and tyrant aggressors. The Movement gave them their best deals as they responded to their plots one after the other in the most intelligent and intellectual way.

The Movement stood its grounds against all odds in obedience to the holy Prophet SAWA by stopping the oppressors from perpetrating their crimes without also engaging in any form of oppression.

This wasn’t what they expected and they realized that they got it wrong and to bury everything they went back to the drawing board to design another plot by establishing a kangaroo panel to blame the Movement for their crimes.

To do this they hired their best hands that were presumed to have known everything about the Shi’ites to implicate them.

Instead of the commission to investigate the incident itself in which over a thousand people were killed on the order of the leaders, the commission was asked to investigate the evolution of the movement and its sources of funding. There too they were put to shame.

Still the members of the Movement, trained by the most peaceful and most revered personality in the world today, His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky continued in their leader’s footsteps, stopping the oppressors from oppressing.

This has distinguished the Islamic Movement from terror mongers who ordinarily would have engaged in a merciless bloodshed that might have swallowed many lives but they didn’t. Despite threats and intimidations and even attempts on their lives not forgetting the calumny and propaganda against the movement and its leadership, the movement remained undeterred in its cause of helping the oppressors by stopping them from oppression.

If the movement was violent as the oppressors wished it was, the entire country would have turned into another hell on earth, which was what the oppressive leaders narrow-mindedly wished for and could not get.

They wanted a situation where the members of the Movement would act like mobs and they would launch attack on them and kill as many and blame them for all the crimes they committed but nay, Allah disgraced them because the members of the movement in question were followers of his most cherished servant of Allah.

Right from the beginning, the intention of the oppressors was to instigate members of the movement into violence and then and they would use that to kill them and ban the Movement but they did not succeed.

Everything is now clear, the real perpetrators of violence, the terror mongers and demonic oppressors in the name of leaders are now known to the world.

Although we know who the real master-minds behind the attacks are, the global imperialist clique of Israel, America and Saudi Arabia, we also know that the Nigerian leaders acted on their behalf as they are stooges who could kill their people to appease the global imperialists.

We also know that they are afraid of the growing popularity and influence of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, who they see as a threat to their imperialism and neo-colonialism. Notwithstanding, it is never an excuse for the leaders to submit the dignity of their people to the imperialist clique and turn into their servants.

This is an embarrassment to the giant of Africa and Africa at large, Nigerian leaders harboring defeat and submitting to the imperialist plots of another era of colonialism.

The members of the Movement not only deserve praises for their steadfastness in the last 100 days of mischief permeated by sorrow, tears and blood, in which they withstood the agony and pains instituted on them by blood-thirsty oppressors, they also deserve a standing ovation, bow and all caps off for stopping the oppressors from creating another Somalia in Nigeria.

As true followers of Prophet Muhammad, they have successfully helped the oppressors by holding their hands and stopping them from oppressing. The Movement has distinguished itself in all ramifications as the true future hope for Nigeria and Nigerians.


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