Who clashed with who?

By Abdulmumin Giwa
In its attempt to mislead Nigerians and the world on its crime against humanity, the Nigerian government is making all efforts to tag the the unfortunate and unforgettable massacre of Islamic Movement members by the Army in Zaria as a Clash between IMN and the Army. this concept has been sponsored into the media language to the extent that many media outlets are spreading this deception.
More so, a mild campaign is in the move to sway public understanding in its favor by blaming the IMN for not making any presentation before the committee set up by the Kaduna state government. By this it is hypocritically trying to show the public that the Movement is jeopardizing the efforts of the commission,
There are two important things to note here, firstly, there was no such thing as a clash between the Nigerian Army and the Shi’ites at any time in Zaria. What happened was a pre-planned massacre of the Shi’ite by the Nigerian government and its Army.
At the end of the pogrom, no fewer than 350 Shi’ites were brutally killed according to the Human Rights Watch. The Shi’ites came up with a list of about 750 names and profiles of persons it declared missing.believing many to have been killed and others abducted and kept in illegal detention by the Army including the leader Sheiikh Zakzaky.
On the other hand the army has no single casualty to show. There wasn’t anything like a clash, Probably because they were so magnificent.
If there was anything like a clash between the Army and the Shi;ites, there would have been casualties on both sides no matter how magnificent the Army is.
it is virtually impossible for there to be a clash sustained for more than thirty hours between two opponents and the entire casualty will be only on one side.
Also, if there was clash then who was holding what type of arm? The Army simple launched a killing spree on unarmed civilians that include women and children preparing to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad but their memories were turned to sorrows, tears and blood.
Secondly, why is the government hypocritical on the matter? Sheikh Zakzaky is the principal witness in the pogrom as well as the sole custodian of the IMN. It was his residence and Islamic center that were attacked by the Army, Everyone present there was either killed or abducted and he is among those abducted and kept in detention.
If the government is honest, why wouldn’t it present him before the commission to give his own account? At least the commanding officer that led the attack on the Sheikh is in attendance first hand but in the case of the Sheikh they want his own account not first hand but from third parties while it deliberately hide him away from the commission. Is this not an act of corruption and impunity displayed by a government whose only gospel is fight against corruption?
In my opinion the Shi’ites must boycott the kangaroo commission because it has no credibility and it is fake and a trap set to achieve a goal and not to investigate the incident. Let the commission perform its sitting without the IMN so that the world will see clearly what it was actually set to achieve.

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