Lady Zeenatuddeen: The Khadeejah of Zakzaky


By Abdulmumin Giwa

“Behind every successful man is a woman” they say. If this saying is true to its meaning then that woman behind the man, His Eminence Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, the global hope for the course of the oppressed is indeed an exemplary woman in history.

As first a student then a follower and then the wife of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky she has become an icon among women that has kept the spirit of struggle against oppression alive.

She gave hope to other women in her own God-given faith and steadfastness in the cause of Islam and struggle against oppression and preserved the tenets of the rights of women in Islam.

She has become the symbol of true motherhood, dedicated Muslim wife and a pride for women in Islam that stood by her husband irrespective of all milestones and tragedies.

The light of ethics and morality, strength and commitment and also faith and dedication emanate from her that brightens the spirits of not only women but the men folks alike.

She surrendered her entire life for the struggle for the emancipation of the oppressed and down-trodden and the institution of the rights of women in Islam as she faces all categories of tyrants.

Her struggles in life were not without milestones, not the milestones that pull down the spirits but the milestones that exalt one to levels of greatness written only in diamond embroideries that never fade with the advent of time.

In the recent times and in vulgar display of tyranny and inhumanity by the Nigerian government and its Army, the high-ranking personality, Lady Zeenatuddeen Ibrahim, the iconic lady of virtue who had withstood the test of time emerged even more victorious than a lot of men that have made history and are revered by other men.

The gates through which a lot of men could not come close were the gates she opened and passed through to emerge to the level she now is.

She is that lady whose three biological sons were abducted and tortured to death by the Nigerian Army in July 2014 with a bid to obstructing the emerging peace, fairness and justice led by her husband that Nigerians are yearning for.

She remained calm and sorted for redress through peaceful means waiting for justice to come one day not allowing her reactions from the brutal killings be exploited as a means of shedding innocent bloods by the blood-thirsty zombies and their masters.

Just as she waited for that justice that was not forthcoming due to injustice and impunity, the Nigerian government and it’s Army under the orders of their demi-gods launched another brutal attack on the ranks of her husband’s followers where over one thousand were either killed or illegally abducted with hundreds others buried in mass graves. These include those that sorted solace and begged to be shot but were refused and burnt alive.

She watched the Nigerian Army in a brutal display of inhumanity killed three more of her biological sons in cold-blood before her very eyes.

As if this was not enough, in defense of her husband she stood before the cannibals of blood-suckers sponsored by the government to protect her husband but received the dare-devil beating and molestation.

She was finally shot at in the womb and the leg just as she fell watching the killing machines shooting at her husband with the intention of killing him. She watched as he was shot at six times at a very close range.

They didn’t stop there the Army set the house ablaze with people that were present in the house including her aunty-in-law and burnt them alive.

She and her husband were abducted and taken into illegal custody where they have been for over three months without any access to their legal counsel, followers and relations.

She emerged from this brutality losing three more of her biological sons making the total number of her children killed by the Nigerian government and its Army six out of the nine she had.

Right thinking people from around the world rose to the streets calling for their release and even questioned what her crime was that she was kept in illegal detention. This inhumanity by the government tarnished its image and led to its widespread condemnation.

In its usual cover-up plots and campaign of calumny the government again sponsored a degenerate nincompoop of a lawyer to sue her for inciting the public just to justify the crimes they committed against her person and sway public opinion in their favor.

This iconic lady of honor is not shaken by these brutalities as she sees the light of freedom, fairness and justice emerging from the end of the tunnel she is treading with chants of victory being heard even as they have not succeeded in murdering her husband and is responding to treatment.

Definitely, it is only the wicked and ungodly that will point accusing fingers at her with the intention of indicting her when her fundamental rights have been abused and she is kept incommunicado for no crime what so ever. Allah protect Lady Zeenatuddeen, the Khadeeja of Zakzaky.

Free Zakzaky

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