Look inwards for the actual terrorists in Nigeria


Another brouhaha as Nigerian government sponsors campaign against what it calls ‘Shi’ite extremism’. Wanton display of compound ignorance it is. From what is clear for now, those clowns that launched this campaign in Lagos have only succeeded in embarrassing and belittling themselves. They not only lack focus and morality to do that but also they lack the capacity to sustain it. Why? They are sponsored and used to mislead the public. They are also used as elements of instilling a negative image about Shi’ism with the intention of creating a phobia against the faith.

If they are stupid Nigerians are not stupid. There is no way you can liken Boko Haram to Shi’ism or the Islamic Movement in particular. If Boko Haram is faceless and is only heard of when the bombs go off and does not also have any identity or contact, the Islamic Movement on the other hand is active in societal building owning schools, centers, newspapers, websites, medical centers and associates with every other religious or tribal group in its efforts to enhance unity and understanding. The Movement has never been identified or indicted of any act of terrorism.

Definitely no one has heard of the Boko Haram receiving any awards or letters of recognition for good services to humanity. Contrary to this, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has received such recognitions from government sectors and individuals. If nothing, at least the Movement and indeed its leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has received recognition from the National Blood Transfusion as the highest blood donor group in the country annually for three years consecutively. It needs not be mentioned here that as the Movement donates blood to save lives of Nigerian whereas, Boko Haram and it’s like on the other hand spills such blood and murder Nigerians.

Another thing that must not escape mention here is that, it is clear that all the terror oriented groups in the world are of Sunni descent, be they Daesh, ISIL, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram and others. They are hardcore Sunni extremists that all started from the Saudi from the Saudi brand of Islam called Wahabism. Under this form of Islam due to its high level of extremism, Saudi Arabia has the record of the highest executions in the world in 2015.

Now that the Nigerian government and its Army has committed crimes against humanity when it attacked unarmed Shi’ites in Zaria and killed over 1000 of them, where they burnt them alive including women and children, killed them like ants using heavy weapons and buried hundreds of corpses in mass graves, there is global condemnation of the government and its Army with widespread rallies in many countries around the world.

Hence in its attempt to cover up for its sins the Nigerian government is now sponsoring calumny against the Islamic Movement to blackmail it. Apart from its propaganda on TV network in Nigeria, they also sponsored advertorials in major daily newspapers where they constructed shameless lies and in some cases even implicated themselves. They entered into ties with extremist sectarian countries like Saudi and Qatar and even joined their terrorist coalition. They also imported Israel proxy war against Iran into Nigeria by sponsoring another set of clowns led by a fake Bishop to protest against Iranian Ambassador to Nigeria for his crime of reminding Nigerian government of the need to obey its constitution and respect human rights.

Now they are launching a fake anti-Shi’ite group which they want to justify as being a terrorist group by joining it with Boko Haram. This is the reason why I say Nigerians are not stupid and cannot be fooled. Why the cowardice? Why don’t the government simply own up to its crimes and let Nigerians know that its leaders are using state resources to fight an Islamic sect they see as their opponent. For the Christian to understand this better, it is like an Anglican in power using state resources to fight Catholics. That is what the Nigerian government is doing. They are a Sunni majority in power using state resources to eliminate Shi’ite minority and creating guise for it.

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria has been in existence for over 38 years and does not have any records of attacking anybody anywhere or any building even as it had been a victim of attacks to which it had never retaliated including the killing of 34 of its members by the Nigerian Army in 2014 among who were 3 biological sons of the leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. The IMN is not a terrorist organization as they want to depict. It is rather a peaceful Movement calling for the establishment of fairness and justice to all irrespective of religion, region or tribe. Even as the Nigerian government and its Army killing machine can be identified with brutal killings that include burning people alive as do the Boko Haram, the Islamic Movement is identified with saving lives and property during tribal and religious clashes in the country.  Hence the government should look inwards and see who actually is the terrorist.

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