Extremists and Extremism

Unfolding of events and the advent of time has led to the use of some terminologies to refer to specific things instead of the act itself. One of such words is extremism which literarily simply refers to holding on to a particular opinion or idea in such a way that there is no tolerance of contrary views. In other words when one holds on to a particular idea or view and is willing to do anything for it in a non-compromising manner, such a person is said to be an extremist.

Unfortunately, the term extremism has turned out to be specifically used in referring to religious adherents. As such it is normal to hear such things as “religious extremists”, “religious extremism” and others. As time goes on the term religion became more of a prefix to extremism.

Current activities have come to create a stronger specification in which Islam is now used as a prefix and hence the term “Islamic extremists”. This term has become very popular most especially with the globally instituted phobia against Islam. The phobia is such that even Muslims that have been indoctrinated with imperialist ideas feel ashamed to be identified with the religion and yet they call themselves Muslims.

Such indoctrinated Muslims with this mentality preach a newly invented idea of Islam likening it to other religions and saying religion is a personal affair and that your faith is in your heart which is obvious.

There is need to debunk this defeatist mentality that is always used to prove to the imperialists that one is civilized and up to date; or a way of proving that one is educated and enlightened.

Definitely religion is a private affair but at the point of choice of religion. One is free to believe in or disbelieve in a particular religion. But once a person proclaims a faith or a religion then religion to him becomes a collective thing not personal or individual. At this point he practices the creeds and prescriptions of the religion along with other faithful and as prescribed by the tenets of the religion.

This is even more in Islam than it is in other religions. One may wonder what makes Islam different. The difference is even the reason why the word religion doesn’t actually explain what Islam is. If the general explanation of the word religion refers to simple spiritual acts of worship prescribed by the religious system, them Islam is more than that. And if the term refers to a complete system of life that covers social, political, economic and judicial as well as spiritual acts, then Islam is the only religion.

Imperialist indoctrinated Muslims only accept the first definition which suits their concept of religion as simple spiritual acts of worship and a personal affair which they liken to other religions that have no prescriptions of a philosophy and ideology nor do they have any system of jurisprudence. It is at this point that they suffer a compound disease of defeatist mentality. More so, it is only when they propagate this idea about Islam that they can claim being civilized and modern and also escape being referred to as religious extremists.

Islam in the real sense is a complete system of life. It has what every religion has and what they don’t have as well. It has spirituality which is common to every religion. It prescribes acts of worship concept of peace, love and care. Islam also has what other religions don’t have it has philosophy and ideology and a prescribed system. It has its own social, political, economic as well as a judicial system.

More so, Islam has what other systems and ideologies don’t have. Such systems like capitalism, with its staunch concept of materialism, communism, with its message of social justice, Zionism, Apartheid and Ba’athism with their racist inclinations and others, don’t have what Islam has.

Islam has both what the religions have and what the ideological systems have while they don’t have all what it has. That is why it is referred to as a complete system of life. It has its prescription for both the spiritual and material requirements of man.

This has dismissed any idea of Islam being a personal affair as claimed by the so called civilized Muslims who have been indoctrinated into seeing Islam as being simply a religion like any other religion. Islam is a complete system of life with a philosophy and an ideology as well as spiritual acts of worship.

Being that Islam has been discredited by its enemies as a religion of inhumanity and terror which also enslaves and oppresses women and does not respect human rights, a defeatist mentality was instituted in Muslim elites that have become westernized in their thinking in such a way that they have adopted the western ideologies and philosophy of life and rejected that of Islam looking at that as the only way to be seen to be civilized by the imperialist.

They only accept Islam as their religion and insist that it must be practiced in a way that will suit their personal whim which is to satisfy their imperialist masters. As a result of this insistence, they see anybody that opts for the complete Islamic system as an extremist. They despise such a person and condemn his activities while also claiming that they know religion better than him because of what they have in their store of a new model of the Islamic religion.

They become intolerant of Islam as a complete system of life and do everything to show that they are the true adherents of the Islamic religion and any other person that goes beyond seeing Islam as just a religion of rituals, as an extremist.

Actually, in the real sense, extremism is a two way affair. The level at which the so called civilized and westernized Muslims despise the Islamic activists that call for the Islamic system shows their own level of intolerance of the Islamic system. This in effect turns them into extremists as well. They become “anti-religious extremist” and “anti-Islamic extremists” as well.

The imperialists also insinuate and attach terrorism to Islam as a means of painting Islam in an entirely different color which is usually a point of reference to the westernized Muslims even as they are aware that Islam is not and does not preach terrorism. But to them is a very good alibi they hold against the true activists of Islam.

In other words, due to their level of anti-religious extremism they deliberately misconceive and miss-present whatever those who vie for the Islamic system call for and induce the fear of the Islamic call itself making reference to terrorism and sometimes even go as low as engaging in sectarianism.

Their thinking and submissions in their westernized life styles become the same as those of the adversaries of the Islamic system who see the Islamic system as a threat to their wishes in life.

They see those who call for the Islamic system as backward and unprogressive but would still want to force their version of Islam on them due to their own level of extremism. In some cases they even result into acting wild and killing people without justification all as a result of their extremism against religion.

Hence, the idea about extremism is such that the actual extremists are the intolerant, so called westernized Muslims who suffer from a compound defeatist mentality. They are the real extremist that simple logic demands that they be referred to as ANTI-ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS.free zakzaky 1

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